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Leading event professional Celeste Santana-Severino is known for her creative and modern ideas, her exquisite attention to detail and energetic personality that only emerged from her passion to create events that are dynamic, inspiring and unparalleled. Each of her affairs is created by a unique blend of refined ambiance, sensational food taste and impeccable service. 

Celeste, head of the highly- acclaimed planning and design team at her namesake company, CELESTE SANTANA, has been orchestrating flawless and artful events for over twelve years. With a passion for classic with a modern twist, Celeste first gets inspired by the client’s unique style and then adds her own inspirations and creativity; the results? Everything from memorable weddings to charity galas to buzzworthy soirées in locales from Jersey Shores to Punta Cana. 

Outside events, Celeste loves to travel and learn about new cultures. She finds a deep satisfaction in taking in the art of an ancient Indian tribe, the architectural landmarks of Barcelona or walking the narrow streets of Paris. It is the true beauty of these corners of the world that Celeste mimics in her events.


creative partners

Meet the team of creative geniuses who work with Celeste to make spectacular and oh-inspiring events happen. With decades of industry experience and a lot of talent, together they can make memorable events. Celeste always says, “they are the seeds that make the CELESTE SANTANA experience unique and I am always thank-full for the amazing work we do together.” 


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Director + Filmmaker

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Celebrity Hair Stylish & Makeup Artist