Consistency is the KEY to your SUCCESS

Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit, and those habits can be destructive or constructive.  

When I recently decided to add consulting services for creative entrepreneurs and businesses, I had to think of ways to promote myself and my new endeavor.  I decided the best method to get the most attention was going to be through social media.  Therefore, I chose to start promoting via Instagram.  Instagram is not designed to build up popularity rapidly by just posting photos here and there.  Instead it requires a lot of attention to your theme, content and posting during optimal times.  Popularity in Instagram is achieved by finding the exact formula that work best for your brand, and then CONSISTENTLY applying them.  The same applies when you are losing weight.  You can’t expect to suddenly drop 30 pounds.  You have to change your lifestyle and pound by pound lose the weight. 

Darren Hardy says,

“The lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams & desires.” 

I couldn’t agree more with that statement.  In a previous post on my Instagram, @celestesantana, I posted about how to eat an elephant—which is one bite at a time.  Add that with consistency and you are on the road to success.  

I will leave you with Darren Hardy’s formula to success from his book The Compound Effect

“Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE” 

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